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Manx Rally 2024 comes to an extraordinary Close

11 May 2024

Congrats to the New Manx Rally Champions!

Manx Rally 2024

A Massive congratulations to our overall podium winners of the Manx Rally, but especially to our new Manx Rally Champions James Williams and Ross Whittock.

1. James Williams/Ross Whittock (Hyundai i20 N Rally2)….1hr 44mins 08.2secs

2. Steve Wood/Kenny Hull (Citroën C3 Rally2)….1hr 48mins 12.7secs

3. Hugh Hunter/Rob Fagg (Ford Fiesta Rally2)….1hr 48mins 21.9s

The Event has been a spectacular one with so many twists and turns, including close battles from both the The British Historic Rally Championship, Protyre Motorsport UK Asphalt Rally Championship, Historic Rally Car Register - HRCR and Mini Rally Challenge.

Making for an overall amazing event with amazing action, including some class battles amongst the field. The Weather also plays its own significant part with the blazing sun and northern lights to add to the spectacle.

We cannot thank you enough, all the volunteers, radio operators, marshals, timekeepers, officials, the tower, advanced cars and all the marshal and setup cars alongside who have all travelled from near and far to make this event possible.🧡

A Special mention to our Japanese Crews Shinobu Kitani/Hiroko Kitani for their ever popular and strong appearances on the Manx, Aswell as Osamu Sumida/Ritsuro Okano who unfortunately retired on the second to last stage.

Finally, Thank You to Special Stage Rally Video for the absolutely awesome footage of the Manx Lanes and all its glory. Long May this Event grow and Thrive into the future.

We now look Forward, to the 12-14th of September and the Chris Kelly Rally.

Thank you everyone!

DPM Manx Rally Championship

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