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First Leg of Stages Completed!

10 May 2024

Top 10 After SS4

Manx Rally 2024

Top 10 Provisional Results after SS4 and the end of Leg One!

1. James Williams/Ross Whittock

2. Mark Kelly/Will Atkins +48.4

3. Niel Roskell/Dai Roberts +14.1

4. Hugh Hunter/Rob Fagg +2.3

5. Simon Bown/Craig Simkiss +5.1

6. Steve Wood/Kenny Hull +2.1

7. Damian Toner/Aodhan Gallagher +12.8

8. Darren Atkinson/Matthew Daniels +2.1

9. Callum Black/Jack Morton +15.4

10. Will Rowlands/Emyr Hall +6.9

The pace has been red hot already from just the first leg of stages with some awesome mixes of class and championship battles. We Cannot wait to see the start of the second leg this evening, including what the night stages will bring to the table.

Good Luck and Stay Safe Everyone!

Pictures Curtesy of Lucas Croydon Photography

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