Navigational Scatters are a fun type event where competitors can learn about map reading and are one of the first stepping stones to other motor sport events.

Scatter Rallies, 12-Car Rallies and Road Rallies are all similar in nature with Scatters being regarded as the simplest form of rally with 12-Cars next and Road Rallies the most difficult. It follows therefore that the requirements for vehicles, paperwork etc. are also similar.

A Scatter is a navigational test held on public roads, usually on a weekday evening. Competitors convene together at the start venue which is usually a local hostelry and are given a sheet with thirty or so clues to enable them to plot locations on an Ordnance Survey Map.

The idea is to visit as many of these as possible in the available time and collect the answers to the clues (eg a fire hydrant number or the total mileage on a sign post).

Once you have collected as many clues as possible you return to the finish with the answer sheet before the time limit to avoid penalty points for lateness. You can go around the clues in any order so the skill is not only in solving the clues to put the points on the map, but also to plot the best route through the points.  As Scatter Rallies are held on public roads, standard cars may be used with no additional motorsport modifications required.