Navigational Rallies

While very specialised cars are required for top-level special stage rallying, unmodified, everyday cars can be used for simple road events, making this one of the cheapest forms for motor sport available.

There are several different forms of road-rallying, such as Runs with no timing, to Economy Runs, Historic Rallies for classic cars, and more competitive night events, where the emphasis is on good navigation and time-keeping.

The co-driver usually plays an important role in the final results. Lots of well-known rally co-drivers cut their teeth in Britain’s road-rally scene and went on to stardom in the World Rally Championship.

There are national championships for Historics, and there is also a championship for Endurance Road-Rally Cars, which are limited to 1400cc petrol engines, or 2-litres non-turbo diesels, with virtually standard engines and gearboxes. Some events go off-road, with timed sections in woods, forests or airfields.

Most local motor-clubs run what is known as a “12 Car” event which is ideal for starting out in any kind of rallying – this is limited to 12 cars, and is usually recognised as the best place to start competing. Just about any car can take part in a 12-car rally. More competitive events restrict engines to four-cylinders, or, no turbos, and all events prohibit sponsorship advertising.

You do not need special equipment to take part in road events, but often a map, magnifying glass, map light, and a sump-shield comes in useful on the more competitive events.

Manx Auto Sport currently promote the following Navigational/Road Rallies:

  • The 87 Rally
  • The Bridge Rally
  • The Cushag Rally
  • The Liz Lawson Rally

If you wish to enter any of the above events Regulations and Entry Form are available from the Downloads section.