Media Accreditation

Drones/Quad Copters/Remote Aerial Vehicles – Please note that the Manx Auto Sport respectfully advise all attending that the use of Drones/Quad Copters/Remote Aerial Vehicles for the purposes of photographing/videoing the event will be strictly monitored.

Anyone operating Drones/Quad Copters/Remote Aerial Vehicles are advised to respect a strict 50m exclusion zone and ‘no-overfly’ policy with respect to all spectator areas and live rally stages.

Camera Extension Poles – Please note that Manx Auto Sport respectfully advise all attending the event that the use of Camera Extension Poles (GoPro and similar, mounted and operated via extension poles) for the purposes of photographing/videoing the event will be strictly monitored.

Anyone found to be operating such devices dangerously (e.g. placing the camera in front of competing cars, then withdrawing the camera moments before a possible impact), will be deemed to be causing a serious and unnecessary distraction to competing crews and will be asked to cease their actions or leave immediately.

We are only able to grant Media Access to those media that are accredited with MSA as either Level One or Level Two Media.

Manx Auto Sport and MSA’s primary concern is the safety of participants in UK motor sports, whether competitors, volunteers, spectators or the media. RallyFuture is the MSA campaign to help ensure a bright future for stage rallying in the UK by promoting and further enhancing safety.

Primarily, RallyFuture entails implementing 29 recommendations from the Motorsport Event Safety Review (MESR), which was set up by the Scottish Government following the 2014 Jim Clark Rally. One of these recommendations calls for a robust accreditation system for rally media.

The MSA Rally Media Accreditation is underpinned by a Code of Conduct, plus strict conditions. It features two levels to cater for the different needs of journalists and photographers/broadcasters:

  • Level One offers an MSA Media Pass only and caters mainly for the needs of journalists.
  • Level Two adds an MSA Tabard – carrying additional privileges set out in the conditions below – and caters only for photographers and broadcasters.

MSA Rally Media Code of Conduct

By applying for MSA Rally Media Accreditation, applicants must agree to uphold the following Code of Conduct before their application will be considered:

  • I recognise that safety must be the overriding concern for everyone in the sport
  • I will look out for others, as well as myself
  • I will not abuse the privileges granted by MSA Rally Media Accreditation
  • I will always sign-on with the event organiser before making use of MSA accreditation
  • I understand that my actions may impact upon others in the sport
  • I will follow instructions from event marshals and officials
  • I will endeavour to support RallyFuture and help promote safety in rallying
  • I will act in the best interests of the sport.

Before completing the Manx Auto Sport Accreditation Form below, if you aren’t already accredited with MSA, you will need to complete the document at