Spectate SafelyWelcome to the media section of the Manx Auto Sport website.

Here you will be able to find the latest information, downloads and news as well as details about media accreditation

Media Note:

  • It is acknowledged that the media have a role to play in Manx Rallying; however the media is NOT exempt from having to respect safety rules
  • In general, this should not interfere with their ability to perform their duties; nevertheless, safety must always take precedence
  • Media representatives must be accredited by the MSA
  • Media representatives must wear a media tabard and pass at all times and must ensure that they are visible and not covered in any way
  • The tabard is allocated on a strictly named basis and is non-transferable. Failure to comply will result in immediate withdrawal of tabard and media accreditation
  • If in the opinion of a marshal, official or the Event Safety Officer the wearer of a media tabard is located in an area of considered danger, he or she will be asked to move.
  • If this instruction is ignored the individual will be asked to hand in their tabard and accreditation and will no longer considered as a signed on for the event.
  • Prohibited and Restricted Areas must be respected at all times. These areas are not suitable for anyone to stand in.
  • All vehicles used by tabard media to access a special stage must be parked in a safe location or at least 30 metres from the route of a special stage.
  • Signed on media representatives must follow the instructions of event marshals and officials.
  • No media representative is permitted to put up and banners, flags or signs in-stage without the written consent of the event media officer/event organisers.
  • Signed on media representatives are not permitted in any event control room, stewards or organisers meeting.